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Fear by Peggy Schultz PG
Obi-Wan is blinded/dies instead of Tahl in Jedi Apprentice The Death of Hope.
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Fear by Peggy Schultz PG
Obi-Wan is blinded/dies instead of Tahl in Jedi Apprentice The Death of Hope.
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Welcome to A Journey Through a Galaxy Far Far Away.

This is a fan fiction archive featuring all kinds of Star Wars fan fiction in several different categories and sub-categories. The archive also features several classifications to make finding the type of story you want to read easy. The classifications are: Characters, Ratings, Genre (Horror, Drama, Romance, etc.), Story Type (Drabble, Parody, Vignette, Hurt/Comfort, Song Fic, etc.), Warnings (Graphic Violence, alcohol abuse, strong language, etc.), and Story Tags (Blackmail, lightsaber duel, Love Triangle, etc).

So there is no confusion about just what the categories and subcategories here is a description of the main categories. The subcategories should be self-explanatory, as the title of the subcategory pertains to what the subcategory is about for instance The Force Awakens features stories taking place during the time of the movie.

Pre-Republic Era: Takes place 36,453 -25,000 years BBY (before the battle of Yavin).
Old Republic Era: Takes place 24,999 -1,000 years BBY.
Rise of the Empire Era: Takes place 1,000 years BBY to 0 BBY.
Rebellion Era: Takes place 0 BBY - 4 ABY (after the battle of Yavin).
New Republic Era: Takes place 5 – 25 years ABY.
New Jedi Order Era: Takes place 25 – 40 years ABY.
Sequel Trilogy: Takes place 36 years ABY, however, since the sequels don’t exactly follow the expanded universe timeline/events we’ve made a separate category for it.
Legacy Era: Takes place 37 years ABY and beyond.
Crossovers: Star Wars stories that crossover with other fandoms.

Each subcategory is the name of a Movie, Movie Trilogy, TV show, Book series, comic series, etc. For instance, a story written between A New Hope or The Empire Strikes Back or during The Empire Strikes Back would be found in the Rebellion Era category and the Original Trilogy subcategory.


More categories and/or subcategories will be added as new movies, shows, books, etc. are released. If you would like to suggest a category, subcategory, classification, or something else for the archive please use the contact us page and an admin will review your suggestion and make the necessary changes if we like your suggestion. Since the admins may not be familiar with all aspects of Star Wars there is a very high probability that some information may be wrong or missing or you may know of a sub category to make the archive run smoother. You can also use the contact us page to ask questions or report problems with the archive.



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